Field of activity

  • Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, ruminations 
  • Empowerment 
  • Processing of traumas, Emotional and Relational dilemmas 
  • After operations or accidents
  • Psychosomatic, chronic and other illnesses 
  • General malaise, stress, tension, hyperactivity 
  • Highly sensitive people 
  • Prevention 
  • Physical and digestive problems

The work is based on a holistic perspective and accompanies the individual in his personal evolution through dialogue, body and energy work, breathing techniques, meditations, gestures, imaginations and movements. The aim is to strengthen new self-regulations, self-perception and own skills.
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"The soul [....] has the holistic programme in it. A genetic spiritual pattern, if one may say so, of holism is well in place, and when the personality acts outside the genetic pattern of holism, dysfunction results."

(G. Zukav, 2014)

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2022 -  Mindful Self-Compassion for Teens Teacher Training 
2021  - Certificato FSEA formatrice per adulti
2021 - Trained Teacher Mindfulness Self-Compassion
2020 - Certificato settoriale OmL TC; terapia della Polarità
2020 - Mindul Self-Compassion Teacher Training
2020 - Conferenza "The Highly Sensitive Person in Psychotherapy" con Dr. Elaine Aron, Dr. Art Aron e Dr. Michael Pluess - A live Webinar
2020    Seguo Webinars sull'alta sensibilità tenute dalla Dott.ssa Elena Lupo
2019 - Operatrice Persone Altamente Sensibili PAS, Persone Altamente Sensibili Italia, Dott.ssa Elena Lupo      professionisti/psicologi-psicoterapeuti/

2018 - Presente sul sito ufficiale della dott.ssa Elaine Aron
2018 - Master di Specializzazione in Mindfulness, APL Psicologi Lombardia, Milano
2017 - Presidente dell'associazione Persone Altamente Sensibili, Svizzera
2017 - BSc. in psychology OU UK (Hon) (Open)
2015 - 2016 Metamorfosi,  Studio Olistico, Montagnola (Ti)
2015 - Assistente del Prof. Jim Feil e Francisca Wagner, Polarity Bildungszentrum Zürich, Svizzera
2014 - Fiori di Bach, Formazione e Approfondimento, Mendrisio
2014 - International Polarity Education Alliance, Arizona, USA
2013 - 2016 Terapia Cranio Sacrale, Upledger Institute Svizzera, Ascona
2010 - 2013 Somatic Experiencing, Zentrum für Innere Oekologie AG, Zürich, 
2006 - 2010 RPP Polarity, Polarity Bildungszentrum Zürich
2008 - Attestato del Canton Ticino per Terapista Complementare