Eva-Lena Fehlmann BSc. (Hon)(Open)in scientific psychology, Master in Mindfulness

Complementary therapist officially recognized by the Canton of Ticino and certified by OmL TC sector; Polarity Therapy

Recognized by health insurances for complementary therapies

  • Polarity
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Metamorfosi
  • Mindfulness
  • Coach
  • Trainer for adults


Costs for session:

Rate 590/CHF 11.-- per 5 Minutes

  • 50 Minutes online CHF 110.--
  • 60 Minutes CHF 132.--
  • 75 Minutes CHF 165.--
  • 90 Minutes CHF 198.--

Complementary therapy Method Polarity: health insurances within the framework of the supplementary insurance for alternative/complementary cover Polarity therapy up to 75-90%. Please clarify this with your insurance company in advance.

 "The body is a wonderful vehicle, very mysterious and complex. Use it, don't fight against it; help it. The moment you go against it, you go against yourself."

Osho Rajneesh

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Studio Polarity-HSP