"I thank you for your wonderful work. I have overcome so many obstacles and recovered the strength that was repressed within me."

"I felt that I was not well but no doctor could help me, because for them I was well! It was a disturbance on the energy level, which I felt would develop into a pathological disorder. Thanks to this work I now feel that this issue has disappeared. It is fortunate that these types of therapies exist."

"I now recognise my limitations and have the ability and courage to defend myself or change direction."

"Mindfulness changed my life!"

"I now have greater sensitivity in my hands and better agility throughout my body."

"I have been working on myself for seven years, but only now I realize a new profound perception. It was
exactly what I needed at that time".

"I now have a positive image of myself, and 

more confidence in my resources."

"I believe that in addition to the body work, which you performed intuitively and excellently, improvements also come because we speak the same language on an emotional level."

"The work made me realise the differences 

between who I am and others."

"I feel like I've cleared the ground of all possible obstacles to start heading in serenity and pleasure!"

"I thank you for being there for me in my difficulties!"

"I didn't think this trauma was still present inside me!"

"I don't know what you do but I just know it's very good for me!"

"I no longer have pain in my shoulder."

"The work has helped me to let go of rigidities created by my fears!"

"Today I allow my body to reveal its fears and sad memories because I am able to observe, support and transform them. Thank you!"

"Judgement is decreasing as 

I have more compassion towards myself!

 "Despair overwhelms me but I am getting over being in this uncertainty and anguish. I now recognise the barriers, limitations and mental worlds that have built my life! 

Thank you for the good work!"

"My bodily sensitivity has increased!"

"I felt a great courage within me that I think came from this work!"

"Shoulder work has freed me from past memories 

that remained unconscious!"

"Thanks to the warm and humane accompaniment I was able to observe myself despite the discomfort!"

"I have finally freed myself from the mental cage I was in!"

"Only by feeling what is in my abdomen and in my heart could I discover the authenticity of my life!"

"Thanks to Mindfulness my rigid thoughts have 

become like flying feathers!"

"I feel better physically and emotionally. I still enjoy the feeling of unity in my body and the lightness and fullness in my back."